citemgr Manage CTS, CITE Collection and CITE Image repositories.



citemgr is an automated build system (using gradle) for managing CTS, CITE Collection and CITE Image repositories. As of version 0.6.0, the project is organized into two subprojects:

  1. the core directory automatically assembles some infrastructure, and does not need to be directly used. (If you want to find out more about the core subproject, see these details.)
  2. the projects directory provides tasks for working with CITE repositories, verifiying the integrity of their citation, and uniting data from one or more repositories in an RDF graph.


Configuration and usage

You can use a configuration file for each of your projects to configure one or more of a CTS, CITE Collection and CITE Image repository. The projects build file checks for a property named proj where you can supply the name of a configuration file relative to the citemgr root directory. (If it does not find a proj property, it defaults to taking the settings from projects/projconf.gradle.)

Gradle allows setting a property on the command line with the -Pflag. To generate a TTL representation of all services configured in a given configuration file, you can run from the CITE manager root directory:

gradle -Pproj=FILENAME projects:ttl

(Note that if you run this from the projects directory, the syntax will be gradle -Pproj=FILENAME ttl, but FILENAME will still refer to a file relative to the CITE manager root directory!)

In projects/build/ttl, output will include individual TTL files for each service, and a composite file all.ttl with appropriate @prefix statements so it can be directly loaded into an RDF triple store.